Situated on a public lane in Ringwood, Bretton, is an ancient Oak Tree which was one of the last standing oaks from the original Grimshaw Woods that date back to the 14th century. There has been a long drawn-out campaign to protect the tree. It had a protection order on it and was listed on the Ancient Trees Register. It was estimated that the tree could be 600 years old which makes it one of the oldest trees in Bretton.

Bretton resident, Richard Elmer started the campaigning and 2583 people signed his petition. Campaigners had tried to save the tree by serving the council with an injunction and the case was heard at Peterborough County Court. Sadly the case was dismissed by Deputy District Judge Slaney stating that it was outside his jurisdiction.

Despite the protection order, strong campaign and public support, as well as support from local MP Paul Bristow, the tree has now been felled, leaving local residents in tears.

Image Credit: Richard Elmer/Save One Of The Oldest Oak Trees In Bretton, Peterborough – petition