The first meeting of this new umbrella organisation of tree-protecting groups from across the UK took place on 13th November 2023. A total of 19 participants attended a lively Zoom meeting to discuss ways we can come together from all corners of the land in order to be a greater force for tree protection.


The meeting included representatives from various areas of London, Plymouth, Bristol, Sheffield, Norfolk and Wellingborough. Since the launch meeting other groups have already joined in too.


The group shared their experience and knowledge gained from the various campaigns for protecting trees. Break-out groups then discussed ways forward in more detail. One well-supported idea was campaigning for a ‘reverse TPO’. One participant suggested attending local council planning meetings to make sure that local policies are enacted. Another recommended specialist solicitor / barristers and legal firms and there were suggestions too about good fundraising ideas. Information was shared about the People’s Plan for Nature and also the Duty to consult which is part of the 2021 Environment act but not yet implemented.

Future plans

A tree protection handbook

A national conference

Further development of the ‘Reverse TPO’ idea

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