How can we limit the soaring temperatures that the UK ( and much of Europe) are currently experiencing? Plant more trees is part of the solution and crucially, protecting the ones we already have.

We’ve all experienced the relief that sitting under the shade of a cool, tall tree can provide on a swelteringly hot day. But did you know that trees also actually provide the conditions for clouds to form, delivering rain and reflecting the sun’s rays away from the Earth’s surface?

Cloud Formation

Visible clouds are made up of tiny water droplets. For these droplets to appear they require tiny airborne particles that act as “seeds” that they can form around. The more of these “seeds” available, the more water droplets will collect, becoming clouds. Trees release gases (terpenes) into the air that form a large portion of these cloud-seeding particles. They also raise humidity levels closer to the ground by transpiring water vapour into the atmosphere, creating a microclimate that’s beneficial to both humans and nature.

We need trees.